A&A Bar-B-Que opened on April 22, 1981 in Bay City Texas. Allen and Arlene are the proud owners of this establishment. As a youth Arlene worked at her parent’s BBQ restaurant, Hinze’s BBQ (in Wharton,Tx). When it opened, Arlene was in 9th grade at that time. After marrying Allen in 1978, they lived in Columbus,TX for a year working in other businesses. They moved back to Wharton & both Allen and Arlene worked for her parent’s restaurant for a few years so Allen could learn about BBQ from her Dad while Arlene increased her knowledge of the business. In April 1981 Allen and Arlene opened their business in Bay City. Their first daughter, Jennifer was born 5 months later. In the next 4 years they had another daughter Jill and a son Andrew.

Their business was great from the beginning. “People knew we were associated with Hinze’s in Wharton. The nuclear plant was being built at the time & the town was booming. Allen actually slept on the floor at the restaurant a lot of nights to make sure the meat was ready for the next day. It was hard work, but we have always done whatever it takes to make sure our customers can get what they needed.”

“When the boom left from the nuclear plant being built, there were lots of hard times. Many of our good customers left town. Allen & I would work hard together to make sure the business survived the down turn. We had quite a few regular customers at that stage in Bay City. Eventually the town started growing again.” – Arlene

In the year of 2000, Allen and Arlene purchased the Long John Silver property in Bay City. They remodeled the building and in April of 2000 opened their new location. Business was great. They were able to generate some pass-through traffic that were now able to stop and eat. Also A&A now had a drive-thru window. Now about 45% of our business comes from the Drive-thru. This was the best move A&A could have ever made. Ewin Ward, a local customer encouraged them to make this move.

Allen and Arlene have worked side by side for 34 years to make this business successful. They will continue to do so as long as they physically can.

They credit their success with the constant hardwork that it takes to keep a business going. Both Allen and Arlene were raised in families that believed in hardwork. It was already a way of life for them when they opened the restaurant.